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The #1 Trusted Car Pawning Service Provider since 2004

We are professional car loan consultants in the Philippines offering guaranteed free consultation and assistance. We have been in the lending consultation and application assistance service for borrowers since 2007.

We have unparalleled, first-hand knowledge in auto loan and our line up of clients span from Manila and surrounding provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Currently, we have multiple top lending company providers with more than 200 branches all over the country. That list is still growing as we become affiliated and get more offers online from legitimate lending companies in the Philippines.

We are ready to serve and assure our client the lowest interest for their collateral loan using any vehicle that could qualify to our lending company provider standards.

We help process and make the approval of your car loan as fast as you can imagine, never before experienced in bank auto for cash loan offers. We guarantee your loan proceeds will not be discounted just to have us paid. Again, we offer free service and we take pride of that promise as professionals.

As professional auto loan experts, we will match you to the perfect plan tailor-fit to your needs. We contact different lending companies for you — then we offer you the lowest interest rates for your condition. As much as possible, Auto Loan Philippines makes it possible for you to choose from different loan providers that offer you value for your collateral. Here at Auto Loan Philippines, we do not tolerate illegal transactions. We make sure that every lender that we recommend is legitimate, safe to transact, and is properly regulated by the government.

At the most, Auto Loan Philippines aims to deliver and close all transactions within the day, 24 hours to avoid hassle — we want to provide value for your money and for your hard’s work.

Loan Consultant Awards Received

Year 2013 – Top 6 Philippines

Year 2014 – Top 1 for Collateral Loans (made history of 15 Million total production) / Top 2 Overall Loan Products in the Philippines /

Year 2015 – Top 2 for Collateral Loans / Top 2 Overall Combined Loan Products

Year 2016 – Top 2 for Collateral Loans / Top 2 Overall Combined Loan Products / Top 6 for Special Accounts (1-day release loans)