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We offer partnerships for car dealers

Dealer Tie Up

Car Dealer Partnerships

Auto Loan Philippines, a proud affiliate of LOAN PH, the Philippines’ first professional freelance loan consulting firm duly accredited by the DTI is inviting car dealers with showroom and business permit to become our affiliate tie up partner. Let our providers finance the cars you sell for your buyers. Lowest interest rates available.

Auto Loan Philippines is accepting car dealers and partnership tie-up with automotive companies and organizations. If you are a company that is looking for other legitimate sources of business, Auto Loan Philippines can provide.

Auto Loan Philippines is a leading car loan company that provides cash loans without taking your car.

Become a Car Dealer Tie Up Partner and Get Biggest Incentive Now

What do our car dealer affiliates get in return for having our financing lending providers finance the vehicles you sell to your buyers?

  1. If 7.5% car dealer’s incentive is not enough, then what about the lowest interest rates we offer for your auto buyers? (ex. for a total financed value of Php 400k, our tie up dealers will get cash incentive of Php 30,000). All yours on top of your profit of having your car sold out from the showroom.
  2. If 1.6% lowest interest rate for your car buyers is not enough to give as an offer for your car buyers, then what about our highest incentive program stated above.
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