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Which Bank is Best for Car Loan?

private car loanAuto Loan Philippines have scoured the internet and online blogs out there. The purpose is to come up with an answer to one of the frequently asked question for car buyers and loan borrowers. When we say loan borrowers, we mean secured loan thru auto pawning. So, which bank is best for car loan in the Philippines? In order to answer both concerns, we did a short research and found online reviews. We have combined all bank offers and compared it with private lender rates to see the difference. This way, it would be easy for you to decide whether you are buying a new car or pawning one.

4 Options On How to Assume Balance Car Loan Mortgage from Bank

assume balance car loanFirst off, as a professional loan broker or agent, I would like to remind future readers of this post to remember avoiding fictitious persons offering assume balance car loan. Recently, it has been all over the mainstream media and internet. There are syndicates posing in the car loan industry trying to lure people who are in dire need to avoid a possible repossession of mortgaged cars. These syndicate offers what is called “pasalo” or car loan assume balance. Stay away from offers of the same loan product but will have opt in for car impounding or surrender your car. Note that assume balance car loan is the same as an OR CR loan¬†without taking your car.