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Car Pawning, OR CR Sangla Only

If you need quick cash but cannot afford to lose your car, apply for an ORCR loan. It’s fast and easy to pawn via sangla OR/CR thru Auto Loan Philippines.

With our OR/CR vehicle loan, you can still use your vehicle – yes, we won’t take your car! All we need is the original OR/CR copy along with other requirements, and you’re set to get your loan approved fast as 1-2 days.

We offer various loan products, but our most popular collateral loan is the ORCR sangla cash loan, also known as:

  • Car Loan Without Taking Your Car
  • No Car Impounding Loan
  • Pawn Your Car OR/CR
  • ORCR Sangla Collateral Loan

This top collateral loan product at Auto Loan Philippines is the #1 choice by our clients. It allows you to keep your car for personal or business use. You can keep your car, and drive it for business or everyday use!

If you want to apply for our car secured loan, here are the important loan application qualifications for applicants (the applicant should be the…):

  • Car Owner (Fully paid)
  • Under mortgage car
  • 2nd, 3rd…Owner w/ Deed of Sale
  • 80% paid (Bank loan or financing)

We offer special consideration for owners of 80% paid car under bank loan or mortgage – contact us and we’ll assess your qualification.

Apply for a car loan without taking your car with Auto Loan Philippines and get guaranteed lowest interest rate offer possible for your application. Our team of expert consultants can assess, appraise and give you a quotation for your application in just minutes — it’s that fast and easy!


How Can We Help You

Auto Loan Philippines can process your application as quick as 24 hours. For fast application, be sure to provide the correct information. Our expert consultants will contact you as soon as we receive your details or inquiry. If you want to know more about our OR/CR loan, here’s what Auto Loan Philippines can offer:

  1. No Post-Dated-Checks required for loans that are below 500,000.
  2. Fastest Cash Loan, Guaranteed 24 to 48 hours approval.
  3. OR / CR Collateral Only “Without Taking Your Car”
  4. Lowest interest in the market, 1.39% 1.25% to 2.50% 2% only for January promo
  5. Flexible payment gateway choices and options for your cash loan.
  6. Flexible loan payment terms (3 mos, 6 mos, 12 mos, 24 mos, 36 mos).
  7. High loanable amount from 50% to 80% of car fair market value (fmv).
  8. No agents fee or brokers fee. No hidden charges.
  9. 54+branches nationwide (Luzon to Mindanao).
  10. We accept any vehicle model as long as its year 2000 and UP.

Cash Loan Requirements

Fill up the application form with complete information.

Two (2) valid ID, Photocopy (in one page).

Car model should at least be year 2000 and UP.

OR/CR (Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration), Copy and Xerox

BIR Tax Identification Number, TIN#

Source of Income

Lastly, we need to know your source of income.

For Employees: We need a copy of your most recent payslips (for 3 months). Presenting an ITR is a big advantage but not required.

For Business Owners: We need a copy of your DTI or SEC registration, Mayor’s business permit and 3 months recent bank statement.

For Property Owners: We need a lease of contract and 3 months recent bank statement.

For Freelancers: Any voucher, remittance receipts and 3 months recent bank statement.

We may require other documents from the cash loan applicant in case we found insufficiency on presented documents.

Car Brands We Accept

And other car brands, just tell us what your car brand or model is.

“Trusted Car Pawning Service Provider since 2004. Auto Loan Philippines is passionate in helping Filipinos achieve easy process in getting a loan using your vehicle ORCR only.”