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Car Loan


Without Taking Your Car

Bridge Financing
1.39% Low Interest Rate
1998 Model and Newer
Multiple Loan Providers
Fast as Same day release

Car Loan Takeout

Prevent Foreclosure
2000 Model and Up
Car Loan Buyout
Refinance / Reloan
Get Extra Cash

Taxi for Cash Loan

With Franchise
Free Quotation
UV Express Allowed
Free Assistance
Taxi Loan Takeout Open

Jeepney PUJ Loan

1996 Model and Up
Large List of Providers
40K – 150K Cash Loan
Photocopy of OR CR
No Income Accepted

Truck Financing Loan

Province or Manila
We Finance Truck
Free Computation
Lowest Interest Rates
High Appraisal Value

Buy 2nd Hand Car Loan

Uber or Grab Use
Private Public Transport
Bank financing Available
2000 Model Up
Accepts Reloan

Tricycle Loan

2 or 4 Stroke
Copy of Franchise
Free Quotation
Copy of OR CR
Permit to Operate

Car Refinancing

2000 Model or Newer
Payoff Balance
Get Extra Cash
Taxi Accepted
Low Monthly Payment

Brand New Car Loan

In House Financing
Bank Providers
Low Downpayment
With ALL IN Promo
Dealers Welcome

Car OR CR Loan

2000 Model or Newer
OR CR Collateral
UV Express Taxi
W/ Income Source
No Co-Maker

car loan philippines

Bridge Financing for Business Owners Using Car Loan

Car loan for bridge financing purposes to those who have business and needs super quick cash to expand scope of market or invest in putting up another branch for your business. This type of secured collateral credit is also ideal for fund extension due to uncollected payments from clients. Our span of loan borrowers range from consignment type of income business to small and medium enterprise construction and contracting companies as well as leasing, renting and logistics businesses in the Philippines.

Who Can Apply for Car Loan?

If you think that like private lending companies and banks, only those who have good credit standing can apply for our car loan, you are wrong!

Here at Car Loan Philippines, we value all types of clients so we have grown our list of clientele and potential borrowers from the standards of banks and other lenders. We can provide cash loan even to those beyond the comfort zone of borrowers and traditional lending. We even cater to assist those who have BP-22, replevin, sum of money, unpaid credit cards and other court cases. (see our list below)

  • Bad credit status borrowers
  • Foreigners
  • Lawyers
  • Muslim brothers
  • Military personel
  • Creditors with c map
  • Media personel
  • Politicians
  • Police personel

Car Impounding Loan – Fast Cash in 1-3 Hours!

Need super fast cash to fund a business venture or pay dues and manpower labor cost? Or maybe you need fund extension for your investment. Whether you are an individual, partnership or corporation type of business and you have 2 or more cars, you can use 1 car instead for impounding. The Car Impounding Loan is the perfect type of collateral secured loan for you. Available with very minimal requirements, you can get 1 day car loan cash release via impounding. Whether you have your own checking account or not, we will make sure you get your cash loan in 1-3 hours!


Original OR CR / car keys / no need for checking account but if needed be, we will refer you to affiliated banks if you don’t have one / 2 valid primary IDs / any latest electric, water, PLDT, cable, cellphone or any utility bill under borrower’s name / no need for a co maker or or case to case basis if you will need a coborrower living in own house (may be an immediate relative, family member or close friend)

Truck Financing

With very low interest rate at 1.3% and up to 36 months payment term, we accept business owners who are in need of buying a new or second hand truck to expand operation of business but who doesn’t have full cash money to buy it in specified amount by sellers or dealers. Let us give you that advantage via truck financing loan. Here, all you need is to show us your source of income or capacity to pay and we will find you a provider willing to extend financing your next truck whether it may be brand new or second hand (used). Call us now for particulars and requirements.